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Liir is an orphan. He thinks. Actually he's not entirely sure who either of his parents were, though popular opinion says that his mother was Elphaba Thropp, the Wicked Witch of the West, and his father then must have been Fiyero, chief of the Arjikis. He spent the first years of his life at the cloister of St. Glinda before he was packed away with Elphaba when she left to stay at Kiamo Ko, the home of the late Fiyero's wife and children. When he was fourteen, the Witch, having grown more cranky and irritable in the past few years, was accidentally killed by Dorothy Gale. Liir then traveled with Dorothy and the rest of the Yellow Brick Road Irregulars back to the Emerald City, just in time to hide from the fallout of the Wizard's departure and the instatement of Glinda Chuffrey, an old friend of Elphaba's, as the head of state.
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[ooc: This journal is for RP purposes only. I am not Gregory Maguire, so I do not own Liir. He is a fictional character from the books Wicked and Son of a Witch. Gaspard Ulliel belongs to himself. Mun and muse are both over 18.]
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